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People Say.

Having been a keen gym goer for well over 5 years, trying many different plans along the way including the body coach, I had grown increasingly frustrated with lack of progress on my actual physique. 10 weeks down on TrainRs plan and I’m 10kgs lighter and I can see my abs for the first time in 10 years. Biggest compliment I can give Ryan is that it was all so easy, the tools were there and the targets were clear, gradually building the targets as I progressed through weekly check ins. the improvement on the scales and in the mirror was evident from the get go and grew with time, all without access to a gym. I’m absolutely buzzing with the results and if anyone’s serious about improving their physique or just general lifestyle I can’t recommend TrainR high enough

- Joshua Kay

I started training with Ryan in 2017, weighing in at 15st, waist size of 38”.
My initial goal was to loose a few pounds, in particular around the waist.
I have achieved so much more with Ryan, I have dropped to 13st and 34” waist (on a good day!!). My body shape has also changed with much more muscle definition now evident.
The training has been varied, structured and focused on my particular goals with tweaks and changes added as needed.
Ryan has great knowledge around the whole fitness area and passes on great information around diet, nutrition, sleep and stress to help achieve goals and targets.
Training with Ryan has made me stronger, healthier, fitter and more focused and I highly recommend training with him

- Brian Tilbrook

I started training with Ryan around 15 months ago with the simple aim of getting fitter and stronger.  I was attending lots of Crossfit classes at the time and it's fair to say that I thought getting a PT would simply help me train more/better and that would be all I'd need to get fitter.


What training with Ryan has taught me is being fit and healthy is so much more than what happens in the gym.  With Ryan's help, I've learnt how to better manage my overall health and fitness. Most importantly, for the first time in my adult life, I'm not 'on a diet'.  My focus has started to shift from the number on the scale (who knew maintaining was a thing!) to my performance in the gym and as a result I'm seeing real strength gains.  My body composition has changed too and I'm looking better.                                                                                    

Ryan really knows his stuff and with his continued help I know I'll not only hit my fitness goals (and set new ones!) but continue to build the knowledge and skills I need to maintain my health and fitness for the long term.  Can't recommend him enough!

- Tracy Kirby

Ryan’s coaching techniques are second to none! Learnt so much from Ryan. He makes the PT sessions really bespoke and picks up key changes that need to be made which makes a huge difference to training and performance with lifting. Highly recommend

- Claire Cullen

What can I say about Ryan... he is just awesome, he has patience and so much knowledge behind him. I have known Ryan for around two years and he has given me so much confidence with lifting movements and all technical movements too.

If your looking for a PT/ programme and nutrition this is the man to go too for everything.

- Laura Tyler 

Ryan is awesome coach. My son and I trained with him and are very happy with the progress. Definitely highly recommended

- Sergey Goncharov 

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